Volume 6 1939~1941

Doc No.

No. 175 NAI DFA Secretary's Files P3

Code telegram from the Department of External Affairs to William Warnock
(No. 39) (Personal) (Copy)

Dublin, 15 May 1940

Speaking at Galway on 11th Taoiseach said of Holland and Belgium 'I think I would be unworthy of this small nation if I did not utter a protest against the cruel wrong that has been done them'. German Minister deprecated the statement particularly use of word 'protest'. He was told that statement was intended not as gratuitous judgment on rights and wrongs of German action but as assertion of a principle on which our own national security depends: Moral sympathy with Belgium and Holland would render violation of our neutrality less likely. The rest of speech contained categorical denial of rumours of deal with British about ports and strong re-affirmation of our neutrality and determination to resist attack from any quarter.