Volume 6 1939~1941

Doc No.

No. 237 NAI DFA Secretary's Files P2

Code telegram from Robert Brennan to the Department of External Affairs(Dublin)
(No. 142) (Personal) (Most Secret) (Copy)

Washington, 23 July 1940

Your telegram 97.1 Shall carry out instructions but please realise atmosphere: outside of few informed Irish, everyone here from highest administration to man in the street considers that we are foolish not to invite British aid and that England shows great forbearance in not securing weak flank by reoccupation: all arguments to contrary such as you use received with shrug. Even well-wishers like Senator O'Mahoney2 take this view: this derives not so much from propaganda as from fear that Britain will collapse and Fleet pass to Germany thereby creating immediate vital threat to America.

1 See No. 234.

2 Joseph C. O'Mahoney (1884-1962), Democratic Senator for Wyoming (1934-53, 1954-61).