Volume 6 1939~1941

Doc No.

No. 236 NAI DFA Paris Embassy 12/1

Code telegram from Joseph P. Walshe to Seán Murphy (Vichy)
(No. 98) (Personal) (Copy)

Dublin, 22 July 1940

Your 731 and 85.2 You should keep in close touch with Nuncio who is more likely to know real views of French Right than other diplomats. From all our sources of information, belief is general, even in countries friendly to England such as America and Portugal, that Britain has lost the war and at the very most could only achieve a stalemate which might leave her part of her Empire, but it is recognised everywhere that she has no hope of regaining her influence in Europe.

We feel the greatest sympathy with France in her difficulties and have so informed French Minister. The sympathy of the whole country is with Pétain. You should adopt same attitude towards Leroux and other officials. It is felt here that our destiny henceforth will be cast with that of the Continental Catholic nations. At this present stage it is to be expected that France should have internal difficulties. The results of the Front Populaire regime which destroyed France cannot disappear overnight. We want to be kept informed as exactly as possible of every development. Please always give sources of your information. As you are no doubt aware, Vatican shows greatest sympathy towards new regime in France.

1 See No. 224.

2 Not printed.