Volume 8 1945~1948

Doc No.

No. 233 NAI DFA 314/4

Dearg code telegram from Frederick H. Boland to Joseph P. Walshe (Holy See)
(No. 122)

Dublin, 25 November 1946

Press reports state that Cardinal Hlond1 is visiting Rome, and that visit is connected with new concordat. If you can obtain any information regarding latter possibility it would be useful on question of our recognition of Warsaw Government. Taoiseach has occasional doubts whether we are wise in cutting ourselves off completely from a country so predominantly Catholic the traditional bulwark of Catholicism in Eastern Europe. Could you arrange confidential chat with Cardinal and get his views on present position in Poland.

1 Cardinal August Hlond (1881-1948), Archbishop of Poznán (1926-46), Primate of Poland (1926-48), Archbishop of Warsaw (1946-8).