Volume 8 1945~1948

Doc No.

No. 232 NAI DFA 410/37

Telegram from the Department of External Affairs to Seán Murphy (Paris), Francis T. Cremins (Berne), Michael MacWhite (Rome), Leopold H. Kerney (Madrid), Patrick J. O'Byrne (Lisbon) and William Warnock (Stockholm)
(No. 304)

Dublin, 22 November 1946

Following motion proposed by Taoiseach passed unanimously by Dáil yesterday Thursday 'that Dáil Éireann gravely concerned at the unjust trial and imprisonment of Archbishop Stepinac and at the accumulating evidence of the existence of a campaign of religious persecution in certain parts of Europe and convinced that recognition of the sovereignty of God and the moral law is the fundamental basis of any just and stable world order and that freedom to worship God truly in the manner that He Himself has ordained is the inalienable right of man respect for which is essential to the preservation of peace among the nations calls upon all people who desire true liberty and lasting peace to use their combined influence to bring religious persecution everywhere to an end and to secure acceptance of liberty of conscience as one of the basic principles of a genuine world organisation and urges the Minister for External Affairs to take steps to bring these views of Dáil Éireann to the attention of the States with which we have diplomatic relations and to take such other steps as may be proper to secure for them the adherence of freedom-loving peoples'.